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The fashion boycott was one of our very first campaigns. We asked people to join us in our pledge to buy no new clothing or textiles for 52 weeks in protest of the fashion industry's ecocidal and exploitative system of production and consumption. The boycott challenged us as individuals to confront and radically change our relationship with clothes. It encouraged us to step outside a toxic fashion system that dictates and capitalises our perception of self-worth.


Fashion Act Now began as an XRFA campaign to hold a yearly summit during which industry players would come together to discuss a new fashion model focused on degrowth. Fashion Act Now would be a coalition of activists and industry leaders working together to hold the industry to account. 

Fashion Act Now has now expanded into a campaign group that runs independently from XRFA. However we still maintain close ties and continue to collaborate with FAN to achieve social, environmental and climate justice within the fashion industry. 

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