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This Friday, XR Fashion Action, Slow Fashion Season and CollAction, an organisation dedicated to massive collective actions and originators of Slow Fashion Season, team up to host a guerrilla repair action. The workshop takes place in response to the imminent re-opening of shops. Activists will take to their streets - or balconies or front rooms - to make, mend and repair old clothing.

“Previously, these Guerrilla Repair Actions took place with larger groups in shopping malls and streets,” says co-ordinator Mara de Pater. “Given the COVID-19 restrictions, which we of course want to honour, this is challenging.”

The group will therefore be meeting up in Dam Square, Amsterdam - with proper distance between each person - and experimenting with online participation.

Alongside chats and interviews, the feed will then be shared through an Instagram Livesteam on @xrboycottfashion and @slowfashionseason, in order to showcase the beautiful alternatives that exist to the frenzy of the industrialised fashion industry.

Mara hopes the event will inspire participants and viewers to reconsider their relationship with their clothes: not as products delivered to them via fast fashion but as items to cherish and care for.

“I hope to inspire creativity among both the XR and Slow Fashion Season community,” she says. “And of course, I hope people will commit to not buy new/unsustainable fashion, whether that’s for 3 months with Slow Fashion Season, or for a full year with XR boycott fashion.” 

Don’t worry if you’re never taken to needle and thread before.

“Just try it out!” Says Mara. “I’ve been practicing a lot on scraps and found out it’s really not that hard. Otherwise, just find someone in your surrounding to help you out people are always happy to share their skills.” 

How can you take part?

1.Find a garment that needs repair, make sure you bring a needle, thread and scissors (maybe you can borrow those from someone).

2. Think of a strategic place to sit and relax, where you can easily keep your distance and maybe put up a poster or flag. Preferably near a consumption area, but of course you can also join in from your balcony, from your lazy chair or from the basement!

3. Make sure you are ready to participate in our instagram or facebook live broadcast at 18:00 on the 22nd of May with a charged phone.

4. Tell your friends about this action and ask if they want to join too!

5. Stick to the covid-19 guidelines! For the safety of the community and yourself it is important to guard the 1.5 meter distance and wear a mouth guard if necessary.

Join this exciting interactive action from your phone or laptop and meet like-minded makers. All levels of skills welcome!

FRIDAY MAY 22, 2020 AT 18:00/17:00 BST



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