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Operating alongside Animal Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion, Textile Rebellion uses arts and textiles to raise awareness about the catastrophic impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment and both human and animal welfare.

The new group also aims to inspire people to embrace new ways of interacting with textiles, such as up-cycling, repairing, charity shopping, clothes swapping and much more!

Since its creation in early 2020, the Textile Rebels have been hard at work reaching members of the public both on the streets and online. They have been involved in a number of on-street protests and performances, supporting campaigns such as #PayUp and Animal Rebellion’s Blood on your Hands action.

They have also been engaging with whole new audiences online through our social media (@textilerebellion on Instagram and @textile_rebels on Twitter) and a blog ( with information on their latest campaigns, educational posts on the fast fashion industry, handy tips and tutorials and much more!

There are many exciting actions and projects in the works here at Textile Rebellion and the team is currently looking for artists and creatives, so if you have a passion for art and design, do get in touch.

Applications from people of colour, people with disabilities and LGBTQIA+ are actively encouraged as the group reaches for truly intersectional environmentalism and aims to create a safe space for anybody and everybody to get involved with environmentalism.

Head to Instagram @textilerebellion to find out how you can get involved now.



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