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Today, lock-down eases in the UK and non-essential shops, including fashion retailers, have re-opened their doors. Boris Johnson has told people, “shop with confidence,” and Primark queues are going around the block, despite the campaign asking them to pay their workers. It's clear we won’t get the green recovery we so desperately need - unless we continue to fight for it. Together we must say, there’s no going back.

And so, after a quiet first year anniversary, we launch an updated Boycott pledge. We’ve learnt so much from our community but also the world has changed. People are waking up to systemic injustice in ways we couldn’t have envisaged. And so we listen and we revise.

The spirit remains the same: to not buy new clothing or textiles for 52 weeks; to rewear, repair, remake and regenerate; to oppose the culture of fashion with a culture of care; to stand in solidarity with workers throughout the supply chain; to advocate for a just transition. Now, it’s even more urgent today to call - loudly and clearly - for the change we want.

Existing Boycotters need not sign again but do please nominate people to join the challenge. It is now our job to reach out of our echo chambers and let people know that life is richer, more at peace, more in harmony when lived according to our beliefs, as active citizens, not as consumers.

Happy Boycott Year 2! Who’s in? Click HERE to see the new pledge, share and sign up if you haven’t already.

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